Grip’s Pull List for 06-16-10

Shazbat. I’m back. Another week, another couple funny books (if that). My list sure used to be longer, but the current economic crisis requires that I indulge my reprehensible habits slightly less these days. Plus, most comics kind of suck. Maybe that’s true of everything. But let’s take a look at what, hopefully, won’t suck this week.

New Avengers #1—Hey, it’s two of the four characters I used to beat Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2! No team bonus for that, I’m afraid, but this still looks like a pretty good read. Bendis (words) and Immonen (arts) have done a lot of solid work together. BMB basically runs the Avengers in Marveltown, so I’m highly anticipating this one. For a dialogue-deft writer whose specialty is snark-mouthed heroes that just won’t shut up, a team featuring Spidey, Logan, and the Thing oughta provide some pretty memorable moments. Plus, Carol Danvers! OK, I admit I don’t read Ms. Marvel’s books. But I don’t mind her hanging around.

And (drumroll, please)…that’s it. Really? There must be something else, there must be! But I haven’t found it yet. Maybe it’ll be waiting at the shop when I arrive—a new discovery, a timely re-issue, or the renewed release of my dearly departed Geek Monthly. Only Wednesday will tell. Until then…

Bagged and boarded,

Grip Grand

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