Grip’s Pull List for 07-08-10

Another national holiday, another delayed New Comic Day. That means Thursday is the day to get up at the crack of noon, brush the SweetTarts out of your beard, and head on down to Ye Olde Comick Shoppe. Unless you’re like me—my “list” is so short this week, I may just leave it until the following Wednesday. That said…

…it’s time for Shadowland #1! I am totally un-thrilled about the prospect of Marvel ruining some of my favorite heroes, the street-level enforcers of NYC: Daredevil, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, et al. I know Spidey and Punisher will be there, too, but you can’t break something that’s already broken, you can only fix it. Here’s hoping.

Anyway, the reason I enjoy Daredevil so much is that, for the most part, he exists in his own world, which is fairly close to the real world. He doesn’t square off against Galactus, he doesn’t travel through time, he just beats up muggers and pushers and sex offenders, much like original-flavor Batman. Every once in a while, he gets pulled into something silly like Nick Fury’s Secret War (or the whole Hand situation he’s in right now), but DD is at his best when the book focuses on Matt Murdock in the office, on a date, brooding on a rooftop, and occasionally almost-killing Bullseye. I know there will be some of that here, but a giant crossover event like Shadowland threatens to upset the intimate scale of the best stories featuring these characters. Nonetheless, I’m buying the first issue.

And that’s all I’m buying this week, unless something catches my eye at the bookstore. I keep looking for a new release in Don Rosa’s series of Uncle Scrooge chronicles, but so far it’s just the two volumes. How can a Disney-duck-fan get his fix these days? The European stories they publish in what passes for Scrooge and Donald comics nowadays just don’t do it for me. Where is Carl Barks when you need him? Oh, that’s right…he’s dead. Damn, son. Damn.

Bagged and boarded,

Grip Grand

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