Grip’s Pull List for 07-14-10

Looks like casting has finally begun for the next Superman film. I, for one, am glad that they decided to go a different way with it. It’s about goddamn time. In other news, it’s also time for this week’s batch of comic books! Wednesday brings another flood of colored paper our way, so let’s see what I’ll be rescuing from the deluge.

First up, we’ve got old-school Big Blue, back for Superman #701. Now that’s longevity. People like to say Superman sucks, but you know what? THEY suck. Zing! Anyway, I don’t really read much Supes these days, but this issue begins super-scribe J. Michael Straczynski’s run on DC’s flagship title, and I’m willing to pitch in for a preview. Whether I’ll add it to the list permanently remains to be seen. Go get ’em, Clark!

Next up, it’s Daredevil #508. Shadowland started last week (although I still haven’t read it yet), and this issue of DD oughta continue along those lines. I think Matt and his pals in NYC will be cleaning up whatever mess Marvel has put them in for the next few months, so brace yourself for what may, like most event-arcs, be a bumpy ride.

And that’s all, folks, at least for now. Last time I was in the shop I wound up grabbing the first issue of Bendis and Maleev’s new creator-owned title, Scarlet. Maybe I’ll find another potential diamond in the rough this round. Wish me luck! Until the next…

Keep it bagged and boarded,

Grip Grand

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