Grip’s Pull List for 08-18-10

Basil Wolverton’s art kicks your art’s ass.

Such a bust, another week where Ye Olde Pull List is only one comic long. What’s a nerd to do? I guess I’ll go back to figuring out why Dungeons & Dragons Online keeps crashing my computer. Um, that is, I’ll go back to stacking chips in the trap and laying bi**hes down flat. Farilla.

Let’s get it over with. This week’s lucky lady is…

“Arrrgh! I don’t care what color you paint the guest room, just pick one!”

Surprise, surprise, it’s an Avengers title! Do I even buy anything else these days? Yes, but never mind that. This week, it’s New Avengers #3 and nada mas. I do like this cast of characters (some of whom are concurrently being dragged through the mud that is Shadowland, although I’m sure it won’t come up here). I was always a sucker for Dr. Strange, but his status in the Marvel Universe is a little nebulous. He isn’t even the Sorcerer Supreme anymore. I’m hoping that’s only temporary…no offense to Doctor (formerly Brother) Voodoo. By the way, was that dude called “Brother” Voodoo just ‘cuz he’s black? I sure hope not, but…yeah.

Welp, that’s it. Pathetic. Maybe something interesting that I hadn’t anticipated will be at the store, awaiting my arrival. The new issue of Echo or something. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Until then…

Keep it bagged and boarded,

Grip Grand

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