Grip’s Pull List for 09-22-10

Hey hey hey! It’s been a while. I’ve been busy trying to secure a “sponsorship” for my upcoming mixtape, Cassette Trippin’, so that it reaches an audience wider than…well, than you, frankly. And, thanks to Kevin Beacham and the squad over at The Fifth Element, I appear to have gotten the help I need (more details coming soon). Which leaves me with exactly one free moment spend as I choose. Sadly, I’ve decided to use it writing about this week’s comics. Excelsior!

Damn…I guess by “comics” I meant “comic.” Yet another week with nothing to read. I could use some exciting new titles to re-energize my interest in funny books…but I’ll just settle for this one.

Avengers #5: I’ve totally lost track of this tale…I think the fellas are fighting Kang the Conqueror in some kind of time-warp scenario involving their own future children going rogue. Makes sense. I can’t say I’m that engaged in the story at this point. Clearly, I’ve had other things to think about. And one of them would seem to be, “Is it time to cancel the Pull List for good?”

I’ll let you know when the axe drops. But for now, we’ll just see where we’re at next week. I’ve stopped and started my comics kick too many times since I was a kid to make such an important decision on the fly. So until next time, Marvel and DC (and all you other guys), I dare you to impress me. Do it.

Bagged and boarded,

Grip Grand

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