New Music: “Now I’m Going…Enjoy the View” EP

Sometimes you have to go back to move forward.

While looking for inspiration recently, I turned to the equipment

and records I used when making my first album,

Welcome to Broakland, back around the turn of the century.

Fans of that album’s low-fi charms should appreciate the result —

these two new songs, which you can download here for free:

If that’s too much trouble for you, watch ’em on YouTube below.

“Now I’m Going”

(Lyrics and Music by Grip Grand)

“Enjoy the View”

(Lyrics by Grip Grand/Music:

“D o t h e k n x w l e d g e” instrumental taken from the free album “J E S U S” by B l u)


There it all is.

Now I’m going, enjoy the view,

Grip Grand

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