New Grip Grand album — ESAE — out now!

The new Grip Grand album, ESAE, comes out June 5th on iTunes and elsewhere. But if you’re the kind of person who bothers to read my posts on Facebook and Twitter and, then I appreciate your support, and I’d like to reward your loyalty. So you can have the album now. Today. For FREE. Download link below.


You want my new album free? Well, I’m happy to give it to you after everything you’ve done for me. BUT–

I worked very hard on it. Creating it took a lot of time, energy, heart, and soul. If you really feel like supporting my music, please DONATE when you download. You can name your own price. Think of it as a tip jar! Any amount is appreciated, and all proceeds go directly toward funding more music and keeping my infant son off the streets. So, without further ado…

Download ESAE here. Right here. Click on these words, and they will take you to the site with the album on it. You know how the Internet works, right?

OK, if you can’t bear to part with your hard-earned change, or you already bought some of these songs when they were digi-singles, or you’re just a heartless wretch who would prefer my child to sleep in a box on a bus bench somewhere, here’s how you get ESAE for FREE: Click on the link above. “Buy” the album. When you name your own price, make it zero. It’s just that simple! And I promise I won’t hold it against you. Freeloader.

Alright then. I was gonna write a bunch of other bullshit about the album, but just go get it already. Use your own fucking ears to tell you what it’s about. That’s what’s up.

Peace and respect,

Grip Grand





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