“GG DOOM… BUT HOW?” — Grip Grand Remixes MF DOOM

GG DOOM front cover 9

As a tribute to one of his major influences, Grip Grand went into a studio with a bunch of MF DOOM acapellas and 1.5 tons of vinyl. The result is this EP (download link below), which plays like it was produced, if not by DOOM himself, then definitely by a DOOMbot. Enjoy. (Album art and video by Grip Grand)


PLEASE NOTE: DOOM’s representative’s have asked me to remove the album, and out of respect for the Mask, of course I complied. I want people to hear this project, because DOOM is my hero, but only a fool purposely crosses the Villain. Hope you heard it while you could!

UPDATE: Top secret agents of DOOM have made the album available again, for free, HERE via his Facebook page ( and…all hail DOOM!



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