Aw, don’t cry, Alfred. Your boy Bruce will be back, I know it! And how do I know ? Well, I’ve been reading The Return of Bruce Wayne (not out this week, I’m just behind), in which Batman plays caveman, pilgrim, and pirate. Time travel books are a mixed bag, but the Batman mythos is pretty dear to my heart, so I’m willing to go there….for now. Grant Morrison has always been a high-concept, over-the-top storyteller, and I feel like he may be stretching that MO a bit thin these days. But so far I like this book, despite the fact that it’s had two artists (albeit very good ones) on as many issues. Never a great sign, even if they planned it that way.

And speaking of high-concept, multiple-artist Batmania, Mr. Morrison returns to the flagship Batman title this week, accompanied by a whole slew of pencillers, extra pages, and an oversized price-tag. Will I or won’t I join in the fun? Read on…

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That’s right, y’all, Grip’s Pull List is back like Steve Rogers. For those who don’t know what that means, congratulations: You get -1 Dork Points.

Grip’s Pull List was a fairly regular feature on the Rec-League website, until one day I discontinued it for lack of public interest in the subject matter: namely, which comic books I would be buying each week. I mean, people are interested in the comics maybe, but not which ones I, personally, will plunk down my ill-gotten guap for. And maybe it was making the Rec-League crew look a little more nerdly than they really are—most of them wouldn’t be caught dead at Comic-Con (Rob Rush, however, is another story. Ask him about cos-play.)

Nonetheless, since is MY website, I can feel free to indulge my whims (like blathering about my comic books or using all caps to indicate emphasis) and no one can stop me. So, to restate the title of today’s entry: Grip’s Pull List is back!

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