GG DOOM! BUT HOW? — Grip Grand remixes MF DOOM


GG DOOM front cover 9




“This beautifully executed remix project…pairs MF acapellas with production so convincingly Doom-patible it’s kind of uncanny.”

Ego Trip


“Grip Grand produced a whole album using DOOM vocals and called it GG DOOM – But How? And it’s beautiful. When you’re taking on someone with a style as unique as DOOM, you’ve got to handle with care. One wrong move and the whole flow sounds off. One wrong move and the whole aura goes to shit. Grip Grand obviously knew what he was doing.”

Pigeons & Planes


Also available: GG MOOD! INSTRUMENTALS? The instrumental companion to GG DOOM.











Out Now:GG MOOD! INSTRUMENTALS?” — A companion piece to the runaway hit, “GG DOOM! BUT HOW? — Grip Grand remixes MF DOOM”.

All your favorite GG DOOM beats, now with 100% less DOOM. Get it FREE:


PLEASE NOTE: Thanks to top secret agents of DOOM, the VOCAL VERSION is still available, for free, HERE via MF DOOM’s Facebook page ( and…all hail DOOM!

GG DOOM on YouTube:

And in case you missed it, here’s the original Jive Turkeys cartoon…








“GG DOOM… BUT HOW?” — Grip Grand Remixes MF DOOM

GG DOOM front cover 9

As a tribute to one of his major influences, Grip Grand went into a studio with a bunch of MF DOOM acapellas and 1.5 tons of vinyl. The result is this EP (download link below), which plays like it was produced, if not by DOOM himself, then definitely by a DOOMbot. Enjoy. (Album art and video by Grip Grand)


PLEASE NOTE: DOOM’s representative’s have asked me to remove the album, and out of respect for the Mask, of course I complied. I want people to hear this project, because DOOM is my hero, but only a fool purposely crosses the Villain. Hope you heard it while you could!

UPDATE: Top secret agents of DOOM have made the album available again, for free, HERE via his Facebook page ( and…all hail DOOM!



The new Grip Grand album, ESAE, comes out June 5th on iTunes and elsewhere. But if you’re the kind of person who bothers to read my posts on Facebook and Twitter and, then I appreciate your support, and I’d like to reward your loyalty. So you can have the album now. Today. For FREE. Download link below.

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New loosie. Produced by yours truly, inspired by Howie Tee, Special Ed, Al Green,

and suckers.

Free download (and donations gladly accepted) here: YES, HERE. CLICK THESE WORDS.

Listen and learn,

Grip Grand


Sometimes you have to go back to move forward.

While looking for inspiration recently, I turned to the equipment

and records I used when making my first album,

Welcome to Broakland, back around the turn of the century.

Fans of that album’s low-fi charms should appreciate the result —

these two new songs, which you can download here for free:

If that’s too much trouble for you, watch ’em on YouTube below.

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Season’s Greetings, y’all. “Make a Joyful Noise” is a set of songs I compiled as a Christmas gift for a family friend — a little something from the heart and soul for the holidays. Often, it seems like the difference between soul music and gospel is that one says “baby” where the other says “Jesus”. In a number of these songs (O.V. Wright’s “Without You” is a stirring example), the artist could be singing about either. I found this to be appropriate for the season. Read the rest of this entry »



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True indeed. The new Grip Grand & DJ MF Shalem album, “Rewinder,” was released on Black Friday by Fifth Element (Rhymesayers Entertainment). You can buy the CD here:

Also available at:



…and more!


Roll that shit, light that shit, smoke it.


I go numb,

Grip Grand


You heard right. I have a new album out this month. It’s called Rewinder. It was produced by DJ MF Shalem. And it’s amazing. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a little info from the fine folks who are putting it out, Fifth Element (a division of Rhymesayers Entertainment).

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Well, mine anyway. For many, today is just the Day of the Dead. But for my wife and myself, it’s our anniversary (insert joke here). My wife and my son are the best, most important things in my life (my family, friends, music and loyal listeners are next, don’t fret). So I thought I’d hop in the old time machine on this, my day of days, to tell you a little story about how I met my wife. Read the rest of this entry »