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Grip Grand--Brokelore (Double Vinyl LP)

The second full-length album by Grip Grand, originally released on Look Records in 2008. Featuring Percee P, A.G. (DITC), and more.

01. Showtime (That’s Entertainment) 02. Hip-Hop Classic 03. Win the War 04. Tomorrow 05. Handle That 06. But Anyway 07. Paper Cup featuring Percee P 08. Love/Drama 09. A Penny featuring Richie Cunning 10. 96 Tears (MF Shalem’s Talk About It Mix) 11. Out of Service 12. Poppin’ Pockets Remix featuring A.G. 13. Mr. Versatility 14. Remember the Time featuring Darondo Reviews: "With hardly any industry push behind it, Brokelore is destined to be a lost classic, a perfectly constructed album." --SANTA CRUZ METRO, "The Year's Best Hip-Hop Albums" "Albums like Brokelore define the new paradigm of Bay Area hip-hop. Grip Grand's excellent second record masters retro and progressive, gangsta and conscious, funky and jazzy, all while tiptoeing the line between indie ethics and mainstream appeal." --EAST BAY EXPRESS, "Best Music of 2008--Editor's Picks" "Just when lyrical MCing seemed a thing of the past, here comes Grip Grand. Brokelore revives the era when rappers strove to perfect their craft and sound unique, except they’ve added mega-slappin’ new-school beats. GG’s drawled cadence might remind some of a less-conceited Kanye, but his skills shine just as brightly as Mr. West’s Jesus piece." --XLR8R "If you're in need of some real hip-hop, check out the new joint from Grip Grand, Brokelore." --IGN.COM "...Grip Grand balances spitting razor-sharp lyrics with actually PRODUCING most of the album, another act that he manages admirably. I had to double-check that Just Blaze didn't produce 'Win the War' - it is an unbelievably hot hornfest; 'Hip-Hop Classic' has already cemented itself on my Year End Review as one of my favorite songs; 'Tomorrow' is reminiscent of OutKast's best work....If you love hip hop, you'll love this album. Go buy. Now. TOTAL Vibes 9 of 10 " --RAPREVIEWS.COM

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